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What is Living Hope?

Living Hope Christian Ministries is an 18-24 month Faith-based residential treatment program for men who struggle with: Drug addiction, alcoholism, MICA, prescription drugs, and other life controlling problems.


Living Hope Christian Ministries Inc. is a non-profit Organization with a 501 C3 whose mission is to provide services to the MICA and the non MICA population (Mentally Ill Chemically Addicted), dually diagnosed throughout the Tri State area, Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk,and New Jeesey. Living Hope offers a complete range of intergrated services so that individuals who are dually diagnosed with diverse needs may realize their full potentials for achieving meaningful goals by principles of independence, wellness, spirituality, and recovery.

What is our goal?

During this 18-24 months, our goal is to address the whole man: spiritually, clinically, physically, socially and vocationally. 

The Program

Our Challenging approach is to develop discipline and good character in a loving, Christ-centered environment. Also, because we recognize that everyone is unique and because of our sensitive MICA populations, treatment at Living Hope is individualized to meet your particular needs and growth. We have programming that can accommodate stays from 18-24 months to as long it takes for the student to grow, transform, build a strong foundation and obtain all the necessary skills needed to remain successful as a Christian in the community.

Living Hope Students

Participate in Biblical studies, prayer, lifestyle classes, individual and group counseling, community outreach,work projects, and recreation. As well as strengthening the skills and conducts they need to live productive lives.

What benefits will the students receive from Living Hope?
Freedom from Addiction

Most of the men who come to Living Hope are MICA students struggling with a mental disorder, and others who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, and other substances. Many have also been deeply wounded by their addictions, etc. At Living Hope, they receive counseling and spiritual guidance to overcome these deep hurts and unresolved issues.

A New Way of Living
Christian lifestyle classes, vocational training, ADL skills, budgeting skills, medication management for the MICA students, relapse prevention, accountability, parenting skills and work projects help Living Hope students learn and embrace a new way of living that enables them to be productive in their homes, churches, and in Society.
A New Attitude
The men who come to Living Hope may be experiencing feelings of anger, fear, resentment, hopelessness, and despair. Through prayer and counseling, they learn to discipline their thoughts and emotions and find healthy ways of responding to life situations and crisis.
A Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ
The most important part of Living Hope is to introduce men to Jesus Christ, and to help them grow spiritually. This is the key to future success in all areas of their lives, and especially, in remaining free from addiction.
Our Success
Research conducted by the Federal government indicates that up to 86% of graduates from Christian programs continue to live drug-free many years after completion.
The difference is Jesus Christ!
The salvation offered by Our Lord, Jesus Christ is truly the main avenue to create true and lasting changes in a person's life.
Our Commitment

Since 2003 we have been committed, and staying at the forefront, and on the cutting edge of reaching MICA clients, youths & adults in need of drug and alcohol treatment in all 5 boroughs of New York City and in the Tri-State Region.

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