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Admission Procedures

Getting into the Program

Individuals seeking help may simply walk into our Home. Living Hope accepts referrals from any agency or clinic, Detox Centers, Psychiatric Wards, Hospitals, Ministers, churches, Prisons, Shelters, Drop-In Centers, and concerned friends and families.

Preference is given to addicts,(mild Mica) and alcoholics who we believe to be genuinely serious and desperate about making a change in their lives.

Living Hope accepts young men 17 years of age and over. We do not receive funding from the government. We ask only a modest processing fee upon admission in a monthly program fee.

Our goal at Living Hope Christian Ministries is to help make the admission transition process as quick and easy as possible So that you may be able to begin your journey towards freedom and a new life with Jesus.

Step 1: Contact the admission office and be prepared to answer some questions about your life, health, mental health, family, and legal situations. During this pre-screening process you may also be asked to make an appointment for a personal interview.

Step 2: It may be required to have an updated psych evaluation, psychosocial, recent physical, PPD, personal identification(Birth Certificate, State ID, Social Security Card), and List of Prescribed Medications for those who are MICA clients.

Step 3: Since we have limited space, please be mindful to bring only what you need. Your clothing should fit at least into two medium-sized suitcases. And be sure to bring your Bible, However, if you don't have one, one will be provided to you.

ADMISSION FEE: Is a one-time fee of $350, and a monthly fee of $750.00

BEDS AVAIBILITY: Open beds are made available to new students on a first-come/first-served basis. If there is no vacancy, you may be placed on the waiting list.

Congratulations: Here at Living Hope, we are thrilled and excited that you have taken this first step. However, if you are struggling today, I would like to make FOUR SUGGESTIONS:

PRAYER- Time spent in communion with Jesus is a major factor in the surrendered life.

READING THE BIBLE- The Bible is food for your spiritual life and strength to overcome.

FELLOWSHIP WITH OTHER CHRISTIANS-  A Christ-centered environment will empower you to remain positive as you surround yourself with Christian friends and families.

OBEY GOD'S VOICE- You may not know how. However, if you carefully yield to the guidance of your Christian friends and families, YOU WILL NEVER GO WRONG.

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